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Riley MySpace Group

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I don't know if is me or my pc... but I couldn't open that site ._.
Do you have a MySpace account? If not, I'm pretty sure you have to have one. It's free and it's a lot of fun, so sign up. Otherwise, if you already do have an account, the site messes up quite abit. Just keep trying. :)
Ohhh...... well I do have an account. I tried but: The page cannot be displayed ._. ok myspace is weird... pff LOL!
OHHHHHHHH, I TRIED AND I COULD!!! WOAHH but, I have this problem: ._.
You must have a MySpace account for at least 7 days before you can post to the Forums.
Sorry for the inconvenience. But this helps us fight spam in the forums and make MySpace a more enjoyable place for everyone.

pfffffffffffffffff *dies*